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I live in China. Maybe this problem is not unique to people here, but regardless,

Many junior programmers do not know English (Most documentation have Chinese translations).

All senior programmers do know English.

So, an awkward situation arose. The senior programmers name things in English (e.g. foo, var, myClass, &c), whilst the junior programmers name things in Chinese (e.g. 函数,变数,类一, &c).

It's perfectly valid code. But it's not standard, so we get drowned in spit every time a veteran programmer sees the code.

Back to the point, although us veteran programmers do understand English, we do read Chinese faster than English, so changing everything to Chinese would theoretically improve efficiency.

On the other hand, writing it in English makes it easier for us to outsource our work. (Although our company refuses to let us outsource and instead gets us to work overtime 233)

So, I came to ask for the opinion of the non-Chinese community, since sticking with English only has advantages for non-Chinese speakers.

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